Corporate Websites

Your Website is Your Reputation

Corporate websites highlight overall brand information about a particular company to the public or their specific audience. These sites are an effective way to display products and services to new clients as well as showcase a portfolio of work or case studies in order to establish credibility, trust, and brand awareness.


What is a Corporate Website?

Corporate websites are aimed at presenting brand information about the services, processes, key benefits, and company philosophy. The website should represent the corporate brand as credible, reliable, and professional while giving potential clients the ability to connect. An additional purpose of a corporate site may be for talent acquisition. In this case, the business would feature information about careers, the team, available positions, company benefits, or company news to attract potential job applicants.


What Makes a Good Corporate Website?

Creating a functional and effective custom website is much more than simply creating a beautiful design. In addition to responsive web design, which is a baseline requirement for all websites we develop, there are several ancillary items that must be addressed in creating a custom corporate website:

  • Strategic content assessment, organization, and planning
  • Consistent UX and architecture elements
  • Lead generation opportunities and form captures
  • Intuitive CMS platform for ongoing site management
  • Analytics and website tracking
  • Built-in SEO strategy and ongoing SEO management
  • Extensive QA process

A Corporate Website Can Reach Several Audiences

A custom web solution can put a visually-appealing corporate website to work in reaching a host of different audiences:  

  • Stakeholders, investors, and partners
  • Press and media
  • Potential employees
  • Public authorities
  • Current staff and team

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"A huge thank you to the team for its leadership, professionalism and constant pressure in getting the AWP site built, perfected and launched! We are so pleased with the result." Kristina Schnepf AWP | Chief Commercial Officer