Informational Websites

Establish Your Online Presence

Informational websites, as a style, can serve a host of purposes—from personal use, to small businesses, to larger organizations—because the main focus on these sites is the content. If you have a desire to establish a basic online presence and share your unique content, an informational website is probably best for you.


What is an Informational Website?

An informational website might be the simplest of websites when it comes to functionality. These sites don’t require complex functions, third-party integrations, or eCommerce capabilities and therefore the focus is on the content itself and telling your unique story. The overall goal of an informational website is to communicate the “who,” “what,” “how,” and “why” of a business or organization with their online audience.

  • Personal use websites
  • Simple Brochure websites
  • Small to Medium-sized business websites

What Does a Custom Informational Website Include?

All of the informational websites we build at Kaulig Media are custom designed and developed to give you a one-of-a-kind website presence. While we don’t use off-the-shelf themes, our custom informational websites do include common elements and go through the same proven process to meet all of your requirements. Typical informational website builds include these basic elements:

  • Custom homepage
  • Custom set of page layouts or templates (bio pages, landing pages, about pages, etc.)
  • Content pages with modular content sections
  • Blog index and post pages
  • Contact us page

What Does a Custom Informational Website Cost?

This is the million-dollar question and it’s a good thing that informational websites don’t cost a million dollars. But regardless of the style, custom websites require an extensive process that includes content planning, architecture, design, development, content loading, and QA. The overall cost of the site is determined by several factors, but namely, it comes down to these questions:

  • What are your specific technical requirements?
  • How will we handle content creation/migration?
  • How many unique page layouts are needed?
  • What is the desire timeline?

Once we discover answers these questions, we can provide you with a detailed statement of work (SOW) that outlines the objectives, deliverables, timeline, and costs.


Things to Keep in Mind When Considering a Custom Informational Website

With all the white noise on the web today, making your business stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. Simply making your website “look good” won’t necessarily accomplish your goals. You need to have a comprehensive web strategy to go along with any new website. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering a custom informational website:

  • Do I have a set of brand guidelines?  
  • Do I have a brand platform? I.e. Is my message clear?
  • What are my goals and objectives?
  • Who is my primary audience and how will I reach them?
  • Have I looked at my current website analytics?
  • How much content will need written for the new site?
  • What do I want my website visitors to do/see/feel/know?

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