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What is a News or Blog Website

Professional blogging has increased enormously in popularity in recent years, especially with the ability to monetize a website and focus it around the personality of the brand or person publishing the content. On the other hand, the primary purpose of a news website is to keep its readers up to date on current affairs—whether it's an online magazine, entertainment, journalism, or general interest site. Either way, the primary goal with both news and blog sites is to get relevant, fresh content to readers quickly and efficiently.


Why Do I Need a Custom Solution for my News or Blog site?

There are several decent options for creating a theme-based blog site on today’s open-source CMS platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, etc.). However, sometimes your brand or business might need additional functionality or customization that you just can’t get with a typical theme. In this case, you need a custom developed news or blog site that is tailored specifically for your needs. Here are few reasons why a custom news or blog website from Kaulig Media might be best for you:

  • You want to stand out as a brand, personality, or business and not use the same cookie-cutter theme everyone else is using
  • You have specific brand guidelines that require customization for styles, fonts, design treatments, etc.
  • You have technical requirements beyond the limitations of a template theme (e.g. content delivery networks, affiliate linking, third-party integrations, unique layout needs)
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Things to Keep in Mind for Your News or Blog Website

Blog functionality is a standard element of websites, but there are several moving parts that require planning and consideration. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Content strategy should be your first priority
  • How will people find your content? Developing a distribution strategy is key.
  • Develop an editorial calendar for scheduling posts and curating content.
  • Don’t forget about imagery! The best blog and news sites rely on stunning images to support the written content

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