Understanding Website Content Management Systems

One of the most challenging decisions for anyone considering their options in redeveloping their website is what content management system should be used. Perhaps you’ve previously worked with an agency that pushed their own proprietary CMS that only they could work on. Perhaps you took a recommendation for a CMS that eventually proved to be difficult to use in making changes to your website. Or perhaps your previous developer took shortcuts and limited the amount of editable areas available to you through your CMS. Regardless, we understand the challenges.

As you read through these pages (as well as the pages in our Learn section), you notice a couple of things: 1) we are raving fans of open source content management systems for a wide variety of reasons; 2) we believe WordPress is the best option in the realm of PHP programming; and 3) we believe that Umbraco is the best option in the realm of .NET programming. Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever. We’re glad to help however we can.