Umbraco Developers

There aren’t too many of us in the United States...yet. However, that is rapidly changing given the security and stability of Umbraco, the highly intuitive editing experience, and the incredibly generous and helpful community of developers and users. There are more than 500,000 active Umbraco websites. And some large brands use Umbraco, including Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and Rubbermaid (just to name a few).

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What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open source content management system (CMS). Umbraco originated as a true content management system, which is different than WordPress, for instance, given that WordPress started as a blog platform and evolved into a CMS. Umbraco is built on the Microsoft .Net framework and benefits from a vast community of developers who are constantly contributing to its stability, security and enhancements. It’s backed by Umbraco HQ, an open source community of 220,000 active users/developers, and an expansive registered partner network.


Key Benefits of Umbraco

  • The friendliest editor-centered user interface
  • Flexible responsive grid editing
  • Easily extendable with more than 1,200 extensions
  • Smooth integration with Microsoft infrastructure
  • Flexible user license with no fee
  • Numerous native features without needing plugins
  • Multi-language capabilities, etc, etc, etc

Why Should You Consider Umbraco?

While there are quite a few reasons to consider Umbraco as your CMS of choice, three categories in particular stand out. First, since it was designed and developed from day one as a pure content management system, this means that most necessary features of a CMS are native and don’t require plugins or extensions. Second, the security, stability, and ease of development within a Microsoft framework means that there’s less to worry about compared to other content management systems. And third, the intuitive editing interface means that there are tangible efficiencies that effectively lower the long term cost of ownership.

"After speaking with [Kaulig Media] about options for a content management system, Umbraco became the clear winner.... Whether it’s conveying the power of Photoshop transformations by our digital artists or creatively speaking to our culture through images, I have been extremely pleased by how flexible and “user friendly” Umbraco is as a CMS platform." Michelle Loufman KP Photo