AEM Services is Ohio’s largest real estate wholesaler, established and thriving since 1996. In pursuit of starting a new venture in real estate development, AEM came to Kaulig Media to help create brand awareness as a trusted and growing real estate investment company.

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The AEM Redevelopment mission is a quality restoration of homes for long-term sustainable benefit to the community. AEM Services built a trusted reputation within the community – being known for quality and consistency in real estate wholesale – and wanted to leverage its positive reputation in promoting its redevelopment venture. AEM Services had no brand story on their previously existing website.

The AEM team first set out to help establish its brand position in the marketplace, looking to define its message clearly and consistently across its existing assets, and foundation for future marketing tactics. These initial phases would help legitimize the quality of the redevelopment venture of AEM.



An audit of their pre-existing website and content outlined simple and pragmatic adjustments the AEM team could implement on their own to help clarify their message and drive leads from their website.

Social Strategy

Additionally, a social strategy was established to identify how best to: leverage each of AEM's social platforms develop intentional and hard-working content for the brand advise on social implementation best practices, analytics, and guidelines

Motion Graphics Videos

AEM needed assets that told their story quickly and concisely. Motion graphics videos are the perfect tool for that job. A :30 brand awareness piece was created highlighting the various relationships AEM has built in the marketplace. The 1:15 motion graphics explainer expounds on their process and how they serve the community at large.

Interview Video & Environmental Headshots

An interview video was the best tool to showcase the authentic relationships built within the industry and to substantiate AEM Redevelopment. Video productions were held in Akron and Columbus, each within an AEM renovated home. We captured footage of homes that were in each phase of renovation. Additionally, headshots were captured for each AEM team member (14) putting a face to the names behind the company.


The collective marketing efforts increased market reach from Northeast Ohio to Columbus and Cincinnati. AEM broadened the base of trusted partners in all categories: lenders, realtors, and redevelopment crews. They set-up and manage four social media platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.