Interview Video & Photography

Challenge: Building Relationships

AEM wanted to expand its operations across all of Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania as they introduced their brand to new audiences. An interview-based video was the best tool to showcase the authentic relationships built within the industry and substantiate AEM Redevelopment.

Interview Video

We filmed videos in both Akron and Columbus, each within an AEM renovated home, capturing footage of houses that were in each phase of renovation. To make the most of our time and resources we took environmental headshots (see below) at the same location we captured b-roll footage for the video. Akron was our first filming location, where we set up all of the headshots and captured beautiful footage from one of the largest renovations they've done.

In Columbus, we set up in three different houses to visually represent the three different stages of renovations. It was here where we interviewed the designer who was helping create layouts of houses and talked with the realtor who was a committed partner of AEM's and could vouch for their organization's integrity.

Environmental Photography

Taking full advantage of our time with the AEM team and locations, we captured professional headshots for each AEM team member (14), putting faces to the company's names. Using an untraditional approach, we took photos within a home they recently renovated. Since this was the first time AEM had taken headshots of all its employees, our strategy was to make them look even more approachable and personable, adding to the idea of professionalism and relationship building.