Video Project

ATC Brokers - PAMM Plus

Explainer Product Motion Graphics

ATC Brokers is a premier brokerage firm providing global online trading solutions within the foreign exchange (Forex) industry to clients ranging from retail to institutional traders.

They created a complex product with multiple features that is capable of outshining their competition.

The problem was they needed help communicating a comprehensive, technically natured message to their experienced, but skeptical, audience concisely and effectively.


The new product, called PAMM Plus, wasn't going to be easy to communicate to the broker industry. The brokerage process and Forex market is a very detailed and multi-faceted environment. There are many components and features that needed to be distilled into a concise message.

In addition to the messaging, we were challenged with graphically presenting the software while including necessary screenshots. With no prior knowledge of foreign exchange markets or brokerage software, our team ventured into uncharted waters to find the right messaging, motion graphics, and overall tone for the video.


Despite the immense hurdle of having to learn a new "language" in foreign exchange market technology, our team specializes in taking intricate details and crafting a concise message with visuals that make it come to life.

We dedicated extra time at the beginning of this project to get the content right. We experienced software demos, conducted extensive industry research, and listened carefully to ATC's needs and desires for the message.

While crafting the script wasn't easy, we developed a concise story with the potential for some fantastic 2D animation to accompany the core message of the motion graphics video.


The resulting 2D animated motion graphics video perfectly communicates the complex message of ATC's PAMM Plus software in a way that reaches their audience. By creating a motion graphics environment within the video itself, we included both engaging and informative screenshots of the software in action.

The final video also matches the visual aesthetic ATC Brokers was looking for to complement their global online presence. ATC Brokers was a pleasure for our team to work with, and they are thrilled with the final product.