Video Project

Bialetti // Coffee

Instructional Product Series

Bialetti, a brand under the parent company of Bradshaw, is known for its line of premier coffee and espresso-making ware. The Moka Pot, Bialetti’s flagship product, put them on the map for crafting quality products that allows coffee lovers around the world to make authentic espresso in the comfort of their own home.

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Bialetti wanted to create an engaging video series that demonstrated various coffee brewing methods using their most popular products. The challenge? With a limited budget and the need to execute individual videos for four unique products, the client needed a strategic approach to production. And aesthetically, each video would need to be able to stand on its own, yet feature cohesive brand visuals



ipso recommended a live production video shoot to make the products come alive. The footage was shot with a playful and educational tone, complimented by motion graphic elements added during post-production. To meet the client’s budget requirements, a combined production was an effective solution. The ipso team captured footage for all four products in two shoot days with an additional half day of pickups shots during editing. 

And to ensure cohesion throughout the series, ipso's Director of Photography and Content Director collaborated every step of the way.


We received positive feedback on the video series and Bialetti’s success at the trade show. We are proud to have meet the goals of this project – to deliver four videos within budget – and we continue to build on a solid foundation of trust and good relationship with Bialetti.