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Bialetti | Pan Series

Explainer Motion Graphics Series

Bialetti, a brand under the parent company of Bradshaw, is known for its line of premier coffee and espresso-making products. With the IHA Tradeshow coming up, Bialetti needed to promote their slightly less known cookware lines.

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The presence of a hard deadline automatically adds a challenge to any project. Add to that the thousands of miles of distance between our project team and theirs, and the logistics alone posed early impediments to this project. They wanted these videos to explain Bialetti's attention to detail and craftsmanship, and relay the reasoning behind the pans' construction. Bialetti looked to us for guidance on how to communicate this visually, in an over-arching attempt to convey why their pans stand out in the industry. The video for the Mineral DS pan was especially challenging, since it was still being prototyped during the creation of its video.


Thanks to clear communication throughout the process, and a positive response to deadlines, we were able to successfully meet the hard deadline and complete all four Bialetti videos in time for the trade show. We benefited from a great volley of information back and forth; it was a constant two-way conversation, even though our time-zone and location differences could have been impediments. This was a true collaboration, with every side pulling its weight. Our creative solution was to use motion graphics to show how Bialetti's various pans are constructed, layer by layer.


We are proud to be developing our reputation as an organization who can support a company like Bialetti through the busiest months of their marketing year. We received positive feedback from Bialetti about the overall success of the videos at the trade show, but what matters even more to us, however, is that the folks at Bialetti weren't just satisfied with the final product; they enjoyed their experience working with us.