Photography Project

Bober Markey Fedorovich

Environmental Photography

Development of the new informational website was underway, making it a prime opportunity to create additional visual content for the website. Showcasing both of its office locations in Northeast Ohio would add another layer of personalization to BMF’s digital brand story.

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Our Creative Approach

BMF had a vision to use photography to capture an element of their office culture. BMF values people and giving back to the community. With a strong "why" to their business, it was easy to get creative and enjoy our partnership with them.

For this shoot, we thought the imagery should highlight the aesthetic of each office: the architectural lines, light, and textures throughout the space. The new photography would need to complement and work with a library of stock photo assets. As we planned for the shoot, we were mindful of that need and thought about how the assets could be maximized and repurposed in other digital marketing efforts.