Video Project

Cabeau // Evolution Cool Pillow

Instructional Live Production Motion Graphics

Cabeau asked Kaulig Media to create a video to serve as a resource to answer customer questions about how to remove and replace the washable cover of its Evolution Cool Pillow.


Cabeau's customer service department got a lot of questions about the washable cover. Cabeau thought the video would be a resource to show customers how to remove and replace the washable cover of the Evolution Cool pillow.

A challenge for Cabeau's team simplifying the slightly tricky process of replacing the washable cover. This feature is a real benefit to the consumer, but one that had caused challenges. This video needed to be practically shot with an in-depth demonstration, including close-ups, overhead shots, a hand model, and motion design included.


As videos are being consumed more and more on social media and via other digital distribution, instructional videos are quite common – and fascinating.

Opting for kinetic typography instead of voice over, we put together style frames that utilized two prominent camera angles: an overhead view with a hand model interacting with the product, and a close-up shot.

After a pick-up shot of the washing machine, the story was complete!


The perfect combination of practically captured live photography and motion graphics instructs the customer beautifully. We received tremendous feedback from Cabeau, and now their customers know how to properly launder their pillow and experience one of the best features of the most innovative travel pillow in the world.