Video Project


Product Motion Graphics Series

Cabeau asked ipso to create compelling video content to coincide with the launch of their company rebrand. The solution we came up with involved a variety of applications. 

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Cabeau wanted a potential consumer to experience the features and benefits of their industry leading neck pillow line-up through the use of 3-dimensional visuals. The challenge was to produce something that would match the style of their current assets, preserve their brand integrity, and advance their in-store customer experience at the point of purchase (PoP). Because these videos would be joining a previously produced video on an in-store display unit, we needed to do our best to mirror the current style with something that would appear consistent as they were looping from one to the next. We also had to limit the post-production man hours based on project constraints. 



We modeled the product in Cinema4Dthen rendered a couple of passes for After Effects. The technical line art was created in Illustrator, then imported into the After Effects project - extrapolated into 3D space. In order to demonstrate vital features and benefits we also used practically captured footage to show the air inflation, the memory foam interaction, and the storage bag. For the final composite, we imported the 3D passes of the product, camera-matched the Cinema4D cam and added some highlight details using Video Copilot’s Saber plugin as well as a few live action plates to show action.



After the music was selected, the storyboard was approved, and the assets were created, the process went very smoothly. John, our contact at Cabeau, is amazing to work with, and he was pleased with the final products. You can see them today as you walk through almost every airport in the country.  This was our first project with Cabeau, and our most proud outcome is the relationship that we've established with their marketing team!