Video Project


Product Motion Graphics Series

Cabeau asked Kaulig Media to create compelling video content to coincide with the launch of their company rebrand. Cabeau wanted potential consumers to experience the features and benefits of their industry-leading neck pillow lineup through the use of 3-dimensional visuals.

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The challenge was to produce something that would match the style of their current assets, preserve their brand integrity, and advance their in-store customer experience at the point of purchase (PoP).

Because these videos would be joining a previously produced video on an in-store display unit, we needed to closely mirror the current style with something that would appear consistent as they were looping from one to the next. We also had to limit the post-production working hours based on project constraints.



To demonstrate the vital features and benefits of each product, we used practically captured footage to show the air inflation, the memory foam interaction, the storage bag, and more. We also used a variety of post-production tools such as Cinema4D and After Effects to create stunning motions graphics and animation that would bring every aspect of Cabeau’s product line to life.



We created three product videos, using 3D visuals that not only showcase the incredible benefits of each product to consumers as they travel, but doing so in eye-catching graphics that you can still see today as you walk through almost every airport in the country.