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CapTech had just created the Income Estimator Tool, a partner project with Wells Fargo. Through a combination of Wells Fargo's complex algorithms and CapTech's fresh designs, the result is an appealing, intuitive tool, geared toward preparing millennials for retirement. Our video team was tasked with creating a motion graphics resource that would shed light on how simple and easy-to-use the tool is, but also something the sales team could use to leverage with future clients. 


In an effort to showcase the Income Estimator Tool's streamlined user interface, we went with a combination of live production footage and 2D motion graphics. Because the goal of the video was to convey a distinct, somewhat instructional message, it was important that the narrative be engaging and clear, and that the aesthetics not distract from the necessary information. The models were directed to use different aspects of the tool, exposing many ways users can interact with it.


Given how far off retirement seems to 20 and 30-somethings, we were careful to keep the video's message and style clear and straightforward, focusing primarily on the tool's simple and intuitive interface. The motion graphics video emphasizes the tool's interactivity, its responsiveness to user-customization, and the handy bank of quick FAQ links available on every page. We're proud to have contributed to CapTech's mission of promoting financial confidence. And on that note -- check out the tool if you need some retirement advice!