Video Project

Captium Connect Video

Explainer Brand Motion Graphics

IDEX Fire & Safety released a new brand and product to help first responders react efficiently and effectively with the first-ever connected vehicle platform, called Captium Connect.

They needed two new landing pages, with full-service copywriting, and an expedited motion graphics video to introduce the new product at their trade show booth.

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With a very tight timeline, IDEX Fire & Safety came to us with the need for an explainer video for their new brand, Captium. With a solidified message and brand guidelines, our challenge was putting together a script, live production b-roll footage, and motion tracking animation within a short four-week timeframe.

As an additional challenge, the video's primary audience would be at a trade show where hearing the audio would be difficult for viewers.


We worked quickly to approve a script that communicated the core message of Captium in a way that highlighted the technical nature of the new product.

At the same time, we were able to source and approve a set of b-roll footage of first responder vehicles to use for motion tracking animation. This allowed us to use screenshots of the new product in strategic places throughout the brand video to showcase its revolutionary features and benefits without having to rely entirely upon the audio and voiceover.


In the end, and under an expedited timeline, we were able to deliver a comprehensive explainer video to play at their trade show without relying heavily upon the audio to carry the message.

The visuals and motion tracking animation brought together a complete brand video that was engaging and memorable for their audience.