Web Project

Captium / IDEX Fire & Safety

Informational Wordpress


IDEX Fire & Safety needed two custom-built landing pages on a tight timeline for one of their upcoming trade shows. One landing page was for a new brand, called Captium, while the other landing page was to be designed as a landing page for IDEX's several other brands. We were challenged to create these pages in a way that could highlight each brand their many products and features, but also provide clear call-to-actions for customer connections. Additionally, each landing page required copywriting. 


To put the emphasis on the IDEX brands, we created an architecture that had a submenu for brand identification and easy-to-use navigation. Each brand has ample page real estate for product listings, imagery, logo, and simple CTAs. The Captium landing page was architected with content sections to tell the story of the new product. Each section was dedicated to telling a part of the story with elements such as the video, imagery, lists, and contact forms. Each of these structures exist to promote the brands with consistency. 


In the end, we were able to deliver a beautiful and functional design through a manageable WordPress CMS. We were able to accomplish architecture, design, and copywriting under a tight 4-week timeline. Post launch, IDEX Fire & Safety was a pleasure to work with.