Video Project

Case Western Reserve University

Series Motion Graphics

Case Western Reserve University's (CWRU) Weatherhead School of Management partnered with shark&minnow, a strategic branding, and design agency, to create a new online course.

To create a deeper visual dimension to the course videos using motion graphics animation, they partnered with Kaulig Media.

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The Weatherhead School of Management sales team needed a promotional video to create awareness of a new online offering for executives.

Additionally, the course series would include ten lectured videos by the professor. Dynamic visual assets were needed to create cohesion and visual interest among the series.


To create visual consistency for each video, Kaulig Media developed a motion graphics package that included animation of the Weatherhead School of Management at CWRU logo and a variety of title screens and styling used across the entire series for cohesion.

We developed style frames that served as the index key for the variety of motion graphics needed throughout each video. shark&minnow provided content direction, and Kaulig Media created custom motion graphics varying in complexity for each video in the series.


The collaboration in content creation and utilizing custom motion graphics—in addition to live production video—resulted in a higher quality series with dynamic visual interest for the course viewers.

The advanced visual treatment brought the "Leading Digitalization by Design" course to life and established a new brand standard for future classes in the online learning platform at Weatherhead.