Video Project

Glunt Industries

Brand Live Production Motion Graphics

Glunt Industries—based in Northeast Ohio—is the most complete large-scale fabricating and machining center in the United States. Serving industrial markets in North America, South America, and Europe on both large and small scales, Glunt Industries provides complete fabrication and service solutions with in-house annealing, finishing, testing, and assembly capabilities.


Glunt needed a brand video to showcase its wide variety of services and offerings from a mechanical standpoint and production capabilities. Our team had to help create all new assets for them while operating safely in their plants and without getting in the way of their important work. 


Our team spent two days at Glunt Industries: one filming and a second day for photography. 

To create its brand video, we showcased some of the best and most up-to-date technology Glunt Industries offers while telling its story as an industry leader worldwide 

Both the video and photos provided their team with an incredible amount of marketing assets for their website and more. Through these visuals, we were able to bring to life the hard-working atmosphere and quality work done each day. 

Our professional video and photo team made sure to follow every safety procedure and regulation while capturing captivating and up-close footage without causing any disturbances.