Integrated Services Project

Heinen's Portfolio

The Heinen's Experience 

What began as a butcher shop in Northeast Ohio in 1929 has now become a beloved grocery shopping experience across the region. Family-owned for three generations, Heinen's continues to serve its customers by reimagining the traditional grocery store as a destination for locally sourced products to fresh-overnight seafood to wellness guidance that help provide dietary-friendly solutions for their customers. 

Building a Website and Relationships

What began as an integrated website project bloomed into a strategic partnership between Heinen's and Kaulig Media. We spent quality face-to-face time with the Heinen's team, to better understand their problems, what they wanted, and to know them better as a partner.

We listened to the needs of each department and supported meaningful conversations, intentionally collaborating with both marketing and ecommerce teams. Over time Heinen's looked to us as subject matter experts.

The Heinen's marketing team is robust and savvy, they asked us to help them determine the next steps and new opportunities. They listened and incorporated solutions that fulfilled their needs. We helped them learn how to better leverage the content management platform and how to execute updates on their own once we finished the project.

They knew we cared about their business and it was a mutual collaborative effort. It's an honor to know Heinen's views Kaulig Media as an extension of their team and trusted advisor.