Heinen's Website Analytics

Proving a Better Experience

As part of the ultimate rebuild of Heinen’s website, this was the perfect time to create a measurement strategy that transcended marketing and shop sites using Google Tag Manager. Heinen’s wanted a simple way to track conversions from their shop (ecommerce) site to their primary user site and vice versa. Their goal was to fully understand the user experience for their website and continue to optimize it.


Using three separate sites before its refresh, Heinen’s had much of its data separated in silos without a comprehensive or even clean view they could use to understand better what was happening on their website.

Creating a unified dashboard also required Kaulig Media to work with the client and two third-party vendors—one for shopping data and another for digital marketing campaigns—to bring everything together.


One of our first steps was to reset Heinen’s measurement strategy based on new objectives we worked with them to discover. Knowing what information was vital, we created and integrated a comprehensive, fully customizable dashboard with Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Not only did it create a single document that showed data across their marketing and ecommerce platforms, but it also helps them drive their content strategy. For example, understanding what users search for most often told Heinen’s what recipes would be good to feature in the coming weeks.

Once we built out the dashboard, we trained their team to implement and take ownership of tagging and management strategy.