Heinen's Website Rollout

Challenge: Preparing Customers For A New Experience

Heinen's has a loyal following of customers, especially those who enroll in their Tasteful Rewards program. The previous experience on the website wasn't encouraging to rewards members and offered little incentive to use the site. To drive traffic and adopt the usage of the new site, Heinen's would have to encourage shifts in behavior among current customers. Could they get in-store shoppers to find more significant benefit in using the site?

With the merged and refreshed web experience, Heinen's wanted to prove to Tasteful Rewards members signing in that this new website would be worth their time. By making it more functional and beneficial, they tried to drive logins to the Tasteful Rewards program.

Key Messaging

We helped Heinen's focus their messaging to ensure every customer knew about the new experience and that Heinen’s is making shopping even easier for its customers. Messaging focused on key benefits of the new site including:

  • Easy access to Local store information
  • An Improved Tasteful Rewards Experience
  • Inspiring Recipes & Stories
  • New online shopping options


To drive more logins and registrations to the Tasteful Rewards program, we helped Heinen's double down their efforts both on the new site and in-store. Online, we created an engaging homepage banner that would lead users to a particular landing page that explained all the new benefits of the site. By proving its value, it would ideally convert users who typically "look and leave" to engage more on the site and even become a Tasteful Rewards Member—if they weren't already.

In the stores, we produced vertical banners, counter cards, personalized receipt messages, and images in the checkout screens as part of a visual campaign. No one should leave Heinen's without hearing about the new site. Throughout the aisles, we created specialized "wobblers," showcasing that customers could find new meal inspirations, which wines would pair well with recipes (cross-promotion), all while leading them to specially created content on the new website and driving engagement. To drive login adoption, Heinen's entered anyone who logged-in to the new site (both new and existing registrants) into a drawing for a free Vitamix Blender.


Thanks to the concerted effort on the rollout, Heinen’s website traffic increased dramatically. Not only did they see an increase in users and sessions, but each user was much more engaged on the site. Additionally, another part of the objective was to encourage new users to sign up for the site.

  • Within the first month, more than 12,000 new logins were created
  • Users increased 67% year over year (YOY)
  • Sessions increased 76% YOY
  • New Users increased 70% YOY
  • Average Session Duration increased 112% YOY (from 1:02 to 2: 12)
  • Pages per Session: increased 50% YOY