Brand Development Project


Branding Collateral Signage

SAM is the newest brand of IDEX Fire & Safety. SAM's integrated, total-water-control system manages a fire truck's pump, tank, intakes, and discharges.

It will forever transform traditional fire truck pump operations.

As part of a more massive IDEX Fire & Safety brand strategy initiative, Kaulig Media helped with the naming strategy, visual brand identity creation, and creative execution. This included video and website creation in support of SAM's official launch to various target audiences. 

The Creative Approach

A significant part of the rebrand was the logo redesign. It centered around the mark—a visual representation of both flames and water flowing.

The sharpness and movement of the mark play into the idea of flames, while the color and roundness of the shape also alludes to water. The typography complemented the same idea behind the mark.