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IDEX Fire & Safety | SAM Technology

Brand Explainer Interview Live Production Motion Graphics

SAM Promo
SAM Prove It


As with any new technology, there were a lot of questions about SAM: how does it work? What is this new technology? Is it more efficient than what is out there already?

With an audience that doesn’t welcome new technology as readily as others, IDEX needed to clearly explain its innovations, show how quickly it worked, and prove its worth.

Creating video content that would achieve all these goals required clear and concise communication between IDEX and Kaulig Media.


The Kaulig Media video team created three videos for IDEX that would educate and excite their target audiences:

Motion Graphics Explainer

Our video and content team was able to take a complex system and distill it into a short, easy-to-understand 90-second video that accurately portrayed how the SAM system worked on the truck and how it would benefit firefighters working on the fireground.

Prove It

To further validate this new technology, IDEX needed to showcase its product in action. By comparing the SAM system with traditional methods, it was easy to see how much time was saved by firefighters using the latest technology.


This is where we were able to bring the heat—creating a real-life fire and how the SAM system handled quickly and efficiently. Production began for both videos with a two-day video shoot at Florida State’s Fire College. Local firefighters trained to use SAM and then put it to the test, dousing a real fire. In the end,  we had the footage we needed to use in their videos and across their marketing platforms.


Not only did the motion graphics video blow audiences away at the FDIC Trade Show, but it also received rave reviews from the IDEX team and has been used in many of their other significant marketing assets.