Video Project

IQ Biosciences

Brand Motion Graphics

Founded in 2013 and located in the Bay area, iQ Biosciences was ready to take a step forward in its marketing efforts by telling its brand story in a compelling, memorable way.


IQ Biosciences is known for consistently going above and beyond as a trusted and reliable partner while relationally engaging and committing to their clients. iQ Biosciences already stood out as an industry leader.

One challenge would be to communicate the essence of this great brand in a short, concise timeframe. An additional challenge was to share the technical nature of their work while also being relatable and personablewhile still increasing their lead acquisitions.


After a few discovery calls with iQ Biosciences, we quickly decided that this project was perfect for a highly technical 3D animated motion design. Utilizing Cinema 4D's wide range of tools and features to achieve realistic results, we developed a compelling script and visual story which emphasized iQ Biosciences' key brand pillars: Intelligence, Quality, and Empathy.


The final video is a high-tech and visually stunning 3D motion graphic, helping to clearly and concisely communicate IQ's brand story. We were committed to devoting the same level of attention to detail that IQ Biosciences provides its clients.

Not only was the IQ Biosciences team satisfied at the end of the project, but it was also a remarkably smooth process internally. The collaboration between James, our animation guru, Ryan, our scriptwriter, and Sarah, the project manager, with the IQ Biosciences team, is a perfect case study for just how efficiently video projects can and should flow for projects to come!

"The final video looks fantastic! Can't thank you guys enough for working with us to make this video right... We really appreciate you going the extra mile for us. Our team is thoroughly impressed with the final product... We really had a great experience working with the Kaulig Media team..." James Lee Business Development & Marketing Executive