Video Project

Integrated Wellness Partners

Brand Motion Graphics

From varying levels of medical education, a climbing wall, family exercise opportunities and movement-based childcare, their new facility represents all IWP strives to be: a positive, influential component of a community, bringing together a wide range of truly integrative, preventative healthcare practices. 


The nature of integrative care is inherently less conventional than more traditional models, and this uniqueness can make IWP's mission and services difficult to explain. IWP needed to simplify their messaging and effectively convey exactly what it is they do to their newest community in Rootstown, but also the rest of the world through an improved web presence overall. Because we were working on both the video and website at the same time, it was important to IWP from the start that the video and website feel visually cohesive, and that their designs inform each other.


To get a better sense for ourselves of IWP's wide-ranging functions, the IWP team gave us an intensive tour of the new facility, allowing us to ask questions that helped us develop our own understanding of IWP's mission. With this strengthened understanding, our project team was able to craft a refined and impassioned script for the video.

Communication between the ipso project team and the marketing folks at IWP was incredibly smooth throughout the planning and development of both the website and video. It certainly helped that IWP's headquarters is located just a few blocks from ipso, inviting ample face-time throughout the project. The ongoing conversation fostered plenty of open dialogue and honesty.


The IWP project serves as an ideal case study of a streamlined and ideal video and web combination project. We had a symbiotic relationship throughout the entire process, with the right people giving input at the right times. Our IWP point-person for the project, Sabreena, knew exactly how to communicate; she was prompt and attentive, and provided feedback that was absolutely beneficial. The video is featured prominently on IWP's new website, which both share a sleek, simplistic and approachable aesthetic.

"You and your team have been great to work with and we appreciate your dedication to consistent communication and timeliness. We could not have asked for a more smooth process in creating this video." Sabreena Riley IWP Marketing Coordinator