Brand Development Project

Jennifer McGuire


An engineer by trade but a crafter at heart, Jennifer McGuire had done a fantastic job for herself. But, as her following began to grow, she knew her brand needed to as well.

What began as a simple logo design became an entire brand buildout. Loving the look and feel of her new logo, she asked Kaulig Media to help her create foundational branding—both visual and content development.

Not only did she trust us to build her new website, but we helped her create new brand positioning and the perfect tagline.

Before the rebrand, Jennifer McGuire already had 85,000 YouTube subscribers. Now, her channel has 388,000 and counting.

We were proud to help her share even more handmade kindness to the world.

The Creative Approach

Jennifer McGuire Ink is all about doing small things to create a significant impact.

She uses a variety of techniques to create something beautiful to share kindness to others with a very approachable style and delivery.

We wanted her brand to feel “handmade” but still clean. We physically drew the logo and then made sure it had clean lines by vectorizing it to have a mix of technical, yet crafty.

When rolling out her brand, we included bright, cheerful colors to reflect the upbeat spirit we hoped to achieve with her brand. Rounded corners, a card-like (folded) business card, and unique die-cut cards are examples of the approachable design choices we implemented. Hand-drawn elements mixed with clean white and texture for her intro/outro video is another example of mixing friendly and cheerful with a fresh vibe.

Overall, we wanted Jennifer McGuire’s overall aesthetic to be warm, inviting, and clean.