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An avid crafter, Jennifer seeks to brighten the world one handmade card at a time and her company has been equipping others to do the same since 2002. Despite her tremendous humility, in the crafting world Jennifer is an A-plus level superstar. Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, her blogs and videos are seen by tens of thousands of viewers each week. Her current YouTube channel highlights training videos and boasts over 240,000 subscribers.

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Project Summary & Challenges

Jennifer had an incredibly loyal following both on her blog and YouTube channel when she came to us, seeking a total rebranding of Jennifer McGuire Ink as well as a new blog-oriented website that could particularly showcase her training videos. It’s rare to have such a comprehensive opportunity: logo and branding, custom website design and development, video production, and motion graphics animation. However, one of the most significant considerations Jennifer had coming into this project was technical in nature.

Challenge #1: Complex Affiliate Linking

Affiliate linking is vitally important to the success of Jennifer's website and to the flourishing of her business. In addition to the standard technical considerations for a custom designed and custom developed website, there was the added complexity of creating new functionality within WordPress to be able to fulfill her business requirements. We needed to identify a technical solution to accomplish this critical goal of the web project.

Challenge #2: Rebranding a Strong Identity

It's risky business taking an existing brand with a strong loyal following and do a complete overhaul to its online presence. This would certainly be our greatest challenge, but one that could be overcome by allowing Jennifer to remain true to her identity. Since the brand was intimately wrapped up in the personality of Jennifer, our initial work would be to uncover the purpose, meaning, and drive behind Jennifer herself.

Challenge #3: Logo, Website, and Videos

Adding complexity to the project was the need to develop a cohesive brand platform for our message to be communicated across several digital mediums. This included logo development for collateral and print materials, voice and tone for content creation, and motion design for our video production. Every player within our team would have a part in these projects.

"I hired the most amazing people to create [my website] for me. I can't say enough how good these people are. They work magic." Jennifer McGuire Founder

Our Solutions:

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

Recognizing the aesthetic vibe of the new custom website was crucial. We worked hard to identify a visual expression of Jennifer's brand that could translate across several digital mediums. Starting with logo development, color palette decisions, and overall design style, our creative team crafted an entirely new set of brand guidelines. These guidelines would set the stage for a long-term creative relationship with Jennifer.

Custom Development Solution

Multiple custom development solutions were crafted around the blog. A custom design for the RSS feed has been implemented. Video & card gallery is dynamically generated from the blog. Along with multiple API integrations with YouTube and affiliate tracking systems. We were able to provide a unique blog experience to her users by understanding user paths in the architecture phase. Result was supporting Jennifer in establishing a different and new standard for affiliates in the industry. 

Crafting A Cohesive Story

Because of the work done by our team up front on Jennifer's brand platform, we were positioned perfectly to apply the brand story to every part of Jennifer's new website and into two new video projects. Our creative video teams were able to seamlessly take the newly established brand story and translate them into a narrative outline for an interview-driven live production video, as well as a creative script and motion design for a new YouTube channel trailer.

The Results:

We can confidently say Jennifer McGuire is one of our favorite humans. Each of our internal teams (project management, content, design, development, and video) were able to collaborate with Jennifer on a host of projects that successfully launched and met every one of our primary objectives. Since launch of the site, Jennifer has seen affiliate sales more than TRIPLE and her YouTube subscriber levels more than DOUBLE. While we truly made some contribution to those increases, we concede to the fact that it's primarily a result to who Jennifer is as a person. She embodies the essence of her brand: kind, generous, and humble.

We were surprisingly, and delightfully, drawn into the vortex of “sharing handmade kindness” with Jennifer, and couldn’t be any more thankful for that. Jennifer is a force for good and we deeply appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with someone who is significantly impacting the lives of others in such an inspiring, encouraging, and life-giving way. We are deeply honored to have been chosen by her, and continue to work alongside her in many ways.