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Kaulig Giving

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Kaulig Giving and The Kaulig Foundation support children and families' well-being and develop partnerships with like-minded nonprofits in Northeast Ohio.

Kaulig Giving includes direct giving from Kaulig Companies, community involvement, and significant partnerships improving Northeast Ohio and beyond.

The Kaulig Foundation is a private family foundation that considers grant requests every quarter from public charities in Northeast Ohio that focus on children and families.

Both Kaulig Giving and Kaulig Foundation had separate WordPress websites with minimal marketing presence. The goal was to combine two WordPress sites into one and simplify the application and giving processes, promote partnerships, and drive awareness for Matt Kaulig's philanthropic efforts in the community.

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This project's biggest challenge was to establish an internal system that would simplify the online form submissions and payments for both organizations. Doing so would help streamline partner relationships with other nonprofits and the community.

Secondly, bringing two sites into one CMS (WordPress) would better represent what both organizations do and make it more visually appealing as a charitable site.


Bringing the Two Into One 

Combining both of the sites into one WordPress site helped bring the charitable arms of Matt Kaulig together.

Uniting both Kaulig Giving and The Kaulig Foundation not only enhanced the user experience but offered better exposure to what they do for the community as a whole and made it easier to represent essential partnerships.

The Kaulig Media team reimagined and redesigned the site to be brighter, more cheerful, and more accessible for users to navigate, including responsive design for mobile users.

We also relied on our team of photographers to create custom headshots that would mesh well with the redesigned site.

Simplifying the Process

With the recommendation of an industry partner, Kaulig Media discovered Foundant as the best solution for simplifying the user experience in submitting applications and receiving payment.

Foundant is a new technology system that's laser-focused on partnering with both funders and grant seekers to drastically improve the funding process. From start to finish, it handles grant applications, processing, and payments—precisely what both Kaulig Giving and The Kaulig Foundation needed.

Foundant took a cumbersome and complicated process and streamlined it into one digital platform where everything is automated, making it easier for both organizations to give back to the community.