Brand Development Project

Kaulig Racing

Branding Collateral Merchandise

The Kaulig Racing team is fueled by competition and determination.

Founded in 2016, they were ready to jump right in. With a new team they needed branding that would make a splash in the NASCAR circuit.

From brand development to collateral to merchandise and signage, Kaulig Media had to get the team ready to compete on and off the track.

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The Creative Approach

We needed to create a cohesive look across a range of outputs (logos, print, merchandise, website, and more).

We created graphic elements that added a pop of color and texture to drive home their messaging. This subtle, visual metaphor represents the millions of pieces and parts that work in unison, creating one cohesive vision on the track.

We like to display this on an anglewhen possiblebecause racers always look for an angle to give them an edge on the competition.