Brand Development Project

Kaulig Racing

Branding Collateral Merchandise

When we discovered the heart behind the Kaulig Racing, we found determination, and a deep thread of competition because the drivers and their crew are very serious about finishing in first place. Race teams are knowledgeable, tech savvy and their strong work ethic typically goes unseen. We celebrate that team, and admire what they have built. 

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Our Creative Approach
The following list serves as our guidepost to keeping visual assets on brand for Kaulig Racing:

  • Does it represent the team dynamic?
  • Does is have a technological spin to it?
  • Is it hands on?
  • Is it aspirational?
  • Is it authentic?

The graphic elements used add a pop of color and texture to the many pieces that help deliver messaging. It is a subtle visual euphemism for all of the millions of pieces and parts that all work in unison to create one cohesive vision on the track. We like to display this on an angle, when possible, because racers are always looking for an angle to give them an edge on the competition.