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A Greater Mission

Lavé is focused on helping people become better versions of themselves through the all-natural, healthy home and care products. Lavé hopes no one will ever have to worry about what they wash with again. The idea of using all-natural care products may not be new. However, the story and message behind Lavé are incredibly powerful.

Lavé’s founder, Ty Black, lost his mother to colon cancer in 2018. When she was first diagnosed, the doctor gave his family two recommendations that would change their lives dramatically: change your diet and to stop using harmful ingredients on your skin. Ty began tireless research on the effects that chemicals and ingredients used in everyday care products have on our skin and how easily they can be absorbed into the human body. Essentially, what goes onto your body goes into your body. On a mission to help others live healthier lifestyles—and in honor of his mother—Ty founded Lavé, a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and environmentally healthy product that is all-natural and safe for everyone to use.

A Partner Who Aligns With You

As soon as we heard the heart behind Lavé, we were excited to work with them. Ty’s mission became our own. For Lavé, Kaulig Media was a simple choice:  we were the one place Ty could get everything he needed. Our teams were excited to work together with Lavé to create this new brand, including a logo, brand messaging, ecommerce website, motion graphics video, and more.