Lavé Brand Development

Keeping it Clean

Lavé’s mission is to use simple, healthy ingredients in all its products. Our team at Kaulig Media felt that motivation should be reflected all throughout its brand identity. We didn’t simply create a logo, we strategically defined the brand identity for a new company that gave them a well-branded online presence.

Our goal was to keep the site looking pure, concise, and cohesive; we refused to add anything that didn’t need to be there. We were able to accomplish this by creating a brand identity that is simple while still valuing the brand’s depth and story. Once the brand identity was solidified, it was important that we consistently apply it throughout all product usage, web, video, and social media.

Using black and white as the color palette, our design team utilized the accent on the “E” to double as the horizontal cross element of the “A” above. Stacking the letters created an orderly, modern look that fit within a box. The diagonals of the “A” and “V” connect visually to create a continuous line. Connecting the top and bottom letters helped keep the idea of Lavé as one word.