Lavé Motion Graphic Video

Simple Products. Simple Process. Lavé On.

The first goal of the video was to create a piece of engaging content that encouraged users to subscribe, showed them how easy the process was, and introduced them to the brand in general. If you want to communicate your brand to a new audience—exactly what Lavé was doing—video is the best way to do so.

Especially for startups, investing in video assets is an investment in market reach. It’s easier for your brand to be top of mind through video than any other method. We wanted to create a motion graphics video for their homepage that matched the simplicity of the process. We showcased how easy it was to buy, install, and subscribe to Lavé using a one-minute, 2-D motion graphics animation. It provided a powerful piece of marketing collateral for Lavé to use moving forward, especially as it focused a bulk of its marketing efforts using Instagram.