Lave's Ecommerce Website

Clean and Simple, From Product to Website

Every aspect of the Lavé brand needed to reflect its ideals of simplicity and cleanliness. Our approach to the website was no different. As a startup business, Lavé determined Shopify would be the best option for its ecommerce site, satisfying various needs. From custom design assets to theme customization and functionality, we built out Lavé’s new site to provide a simple user experience. Not only was it designed with the customer in mind, but we also built out a fully functional site that empowered its founder to manage on his own.

As we do with all clients, we trained the founder how to work through the content management system, providing him the freedom to maintain the website without an agency. This gave him one-on-one time with our team to make any changes, ask questions, and better understand how to use the site moving forward.  We ensured the ecommerce site was understandable and easy to use. We realize how important it is for startup brands with small teams to have a site that works for them as they grow and scale their business.

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