Brand Development Project

Kaulig Racing Mid-Ohio Event

Branding Collateral Merchandise Signage

Just like Kaulig Racing is known as Northeast Ohio's NASCAR team, the Xfinity Race at Mid-Ohio is considered LeafFilter's "home track."

To keep this momentum, Kaulig Racing's presence at Mid-Ohio has grown each year.

The Creative Approach

For the 2019 race, we created Mid-Ohio-specific Hero Cards as well as Driver Banners as it was also the first year Kaulig Racing would run two cars.

We continued elevating LeafFilter's brand, portraying them as winners, but also provide some unique one-off items that are special to this event. Strong graphic elements were added, including a checkered flag "swatch," to help tie the printed components to the racing environment.

We designed everything to create one unified look across all platforms. The banners were decorative elements, but also created a more intimate atmosphere, including backdrops for photos and selfies.