Video Project

Child Welfare Agency

Brand Motion Graphics Series

The mission of child welfare agencies is simple: to ensure that each child can grow up in a safe, loving home and have every opportunity for success. One of the best ways to ensure their vision becomes a reality is through education.

Through nationally developed curriculum and online courses, the program provides potential foster or adoptive parents with the information and tools needed to parent a child who has experienced trauma, separation, or loss and to help them once they have a child in their home.


Part of the curriculum includes documentary-style videos based on interviews, b-roll, narration, text-based graphics, motion graphics, and character animation. To create this video series, the child welfare agency needed to ensure the brand and visuals used in each video were cohesive. This included title lead-ins, onscreen text, lower thirds, and more. They also wanted a simple yet engaging way to depict sensitive interview content and hard-to-explain subject matter.


Motion Graphics Package
Kaulig Media developed a motion graphics package (including a variety of video assets) that can be used across all video platforms and by potential video freelancers. It serves as a video assets brand guide.

Custom Animations
To enhance specific stories or further illustrate difficult concepts, we created and infused custom animations. As families shared their stories on camera, we recreated the scene from multiple angles, animating each character in the story based on family photos. Instead of hearing the story told, we helped bring it to life and allow viewers to watch it unfold.

The Final Product
As part of the motion graphics package, we created video assets that fulfilled the child welfare agency’s brand guidelines, including:

  • An animated logo
  • Lower Third style
  • Three text-on-screen styles
  • Call to action style
  • Disclaimer

In addition to a full-motion graphics package, we created six 45-second videos with custom graphics or character development. This project was another example of how Kaulig Media can take the most challenging or sensitive material and create engaging but straightforward ways for you to relate it to your audience.