Video Project

ORock Cloud Security

Brand Motion Graphics

With decades of collective experience at the helm of leadership, ORock Cloud came to us looking to reinforce their expertise with a modern, technically minded brand video. ORock Cloud is a newer product within its executive services that helps enterprises create a world-class, secure infrastructure for their data.

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The greatest challenge for Kaulig Media centered around our need to deliver a clear and concise message about the ORock Cloud service and to create a sense of urgency for the product.

Our primary goal for this brand video was to clearly explain the solutions that ORock provided while building trust and confidence with business executives across a wide range of industries.


We developed a script that emphasized urgency and highlighted the delicate nature of online cloud security. We listened to ORock Cloud's desire to create a technically minded look, feel, and tone and develop animation to accomplish that goal.

Utilizing a series of intricate 3D animations, we were able to showcase the product's strength while giving the viewer an engaging experience.


The video resulted in a concise, memorable, and compelling brand video that accomplished ORock Cloud's communication needs. The video was highlighted on their website and shared on multiple social media platforms.