Video Project


Motion Graphics Explainer Product Series

The PayForward team felt an urgent need to communicate the value of their software platform to various stakeholder groups, specifically partners, distributors, and end-customers. They called us to help them distill their value statements—how the software works and how it benefits stakeholders—and develop an overall aesthetic that could be put into motion graphics. 


The challenges were threefold. Naturally, the video's message would be central to the success of the project. It needed to concisely and effectively demonstrate the value of the program in a way that would overcome initial objections from the potential end-customer. Secondly, the project's timeline was significantly fast-tracked. In addition to that, PayForward's software itself was evolving daily as multiple client-side projects were converging throughout the production timeline. 


Given the video's tight deadline, we knew we simply had to roll up our sleeves and throw every resource available into the motion graphics project. We focused on daily milestones and uniting our efforts effectively. It was important that Anthem, the merchants, and PayForward all felt comfortable with the messaging, so establishing trusting, open communication was vital. As for style, we opted to show key points in a flat, 2D animated style that allowed analogous references. 


Jacqueline and the PayForward team worked tirelessly to provide timely feedback and helpful direction. Their willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively helped us meet the event-driven "go live" date. Considering PayForward is still in its "start-up" phase, we're excited at the major role these motion graphics videos are sure to play in communicating the PayForward value proposition to participants.