Video Project

Prayers From Maria

Interview Live Production

Prayers From Maria wanted to create a live production video that would capture the experiences of families whose children passed away from brain tumors.

Prayers From Maria would then feature their stories at the Sunflower Soiree, the non-profit's annual fundraising event.


Time was this live production's greatest challenge. With an expedited timeline that included multiple out-of-state productions, meeting this deadline wouldn't be easy.

Undoubtedly, another major challenge was preparing our team for how deeply personal the content was bound to be, which inherently comes with a slew of added delicacies and considerations. We also needed to find a blossoming sunflower field, which proved to be an additional obstacle given Ohio's late bloom.


Operating under such an abbreviated timeline meant we had to work strategically. By bundling video production for all locations to one week, our momentum drove the project forward at an incredible pace.

Our ability to devote focused attention and effort to this one

To help the families feel comfortable and cared for throughout their interviews, Kaulig Media Project Manager Sarah Cross did a phenomenal job asking detailed questions, bringing to the surface remembrances of each child's personality.

As for the sunflower field shots you see throughout the video – let's just say we enjoyed an excuse to play with drones and bask in the South Carolina sunshine.


It's not every day that a signal of success comes in the form of tears. But as ironic as it is, the tears brought to our faces—and those in attendance at the Soiree—indicated that we appropriately expressed the incredible stories of the families we interviewed.

The tears weren't all sad; rather, the tears represent the intimacy and authenticity of the subject matter captured. We are honored to have participated in something greater than ourselves in crafting this video.