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Qora Cladding is made by Arcitell, a leading manufacturer of patented fiber reinforced polymer panels for residential and commercial siding. The company seeks to commercialize superior building products for the envelope of structures that address key performance areas and chronic industry issues. The marketing team needed a digital partner to support their early brand building efforts to drive lead generation as the Qora Cladding product line came to life.

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The challenge was to expand Qora Cladding’s web presence from an initial landing page to a full website designed and developed in such a way as to facilitate future expansion of the product lines and/or sister brands. During the architecture phase, the teams collaborated to ensure the new website is useful and compelling for target audiences/prospective visitors including builders and remodelers, shed manufacturers/fabricators.

During development, the product line was still in R&D so visual assets were not readily available.


Kaulig Media custom designed and developed a lead-generating, product-catalog website utilizing the open source Umbraco CMS. The Umbraco CMS was recommended for ease of content management and growth as the product line evolves, and with a vision towards future technical integrations with Arcitell’s .NET business systems.

The team built the user experience with lead generation as the focus. Content was crafted to build credibility and engage the audience, driving them to a lead generation form integrated with the client's SalesFusion platform.

In coordination with the website design, Kaulig Media created two motion graphic videos to introduce the brand/product and explain the key value proposition and also provide a relevant comparison to alternate traditional materials. Since visual assets were not yet available, the team leveraged these videos and the 2D/3D graphic assets created for the videos to supplement the website design and content.

A custom 360 viewer was developed which allows users to interact with the product at all angles and zoom - the next best thing to having a physical product sample. In collaboration with the client, who provided industry data, Kaulig Media developed a Time & Weight estimator tool that reinforces the installation benefits compared to traditional materials.


Expedited project timeline to help position the new brand and product in the marketplace prior to a large trade show. Lead generation results to be summarized as commercialization efforts kickoff in 2019.

"Our new website, the videos and the other assets created were the virtual stars of the (International Builder) show." Ben Skoog Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Arcitell