Video Project

Rayco Manufacturing

Instructional Series Live Production Motion Graphics

Rayco Manufacturing needed a series of 10 maintenance videos for their Forestry Mulchers and Stump Cutter product lines.

With the goal of equipment education, the series instructed each maintenance topic step by step. For distribution, a QR code would be placed on each machine and—when scanned—would play the video and provide support for on-site maintenance.

Rayco also added the videos to its website and social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube.

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The nature of this project was pragmatic, technical, and meticulous. We knew solving for efficiency and visual consistency (of product and brand) would require critical questions in each phase of the project. The success of the project would hinge on our pre-production and post-production planning.


Pre-production plans would inform both set production and post-production execution. Project management was critical in the intricacies of post-production asset coordination.

Pre-production Strategy
Rayco provided final scripts (approved by maintenance specialists for accuracy), which served as our instructional roadmaps for all videos. The location scout was a pivotal piece in pre-production planning and allowed us to:

  • Determine a set location that was stable and efficient
  • Meet the Maintenance Director, who would also serve as the instructional talent
  • Walk through an operational dry run of each machine
  • Directed our creative and logistical approach for production
  • Identify lighting needs
  • Directed our set needs to select crew members wisely

Post-production Strategy
For our post-production plan, we used the same voice talent for all ten scripts creating audio consistency. We dedicated two editors (one for each video family) to align the footage segments based on the approved scripts.

The motion graphics package provided another element of brand cohesion for the video families. Each began with the animated “Maintenance Made Easy” logo. We created three graphic content styles to support text on-screen (lower third, half screen, and full-screen graphics).

Additionally, a 30-second animated safety protocol video was created and repurposed in each video.


We filmed four Rayco machines in three set days, allowing us to produce and create content for ten videos. We added value to Rayco by creating two additional videos from the footage captured. Additionally, the Motion Graphics package assets could be repurposed for any future videos created for the Maintenance Made Easy series, ensuring visual cohesion across the series.

We tackled a very large project, and Kaulig Media made sure that every detail was taken care of from start to finish. We could count on them, they were mindful when working through problems, and they were always looking out for our best interest. The result of our project was exactly what we had imagined and better. We look forward to working with Kaulig Media on future projects. Erika Harwood Marketing