Video Project

Global Private Equity Firm Annual Conference

Brand Motion Graphics

2020 was a devastating year for meetings and events. While many had to shut down completely, others had to look for new, inventive ways to bring their audiences together—even if it was completely virtual.

Each year, our client, a global private equity firm hosts its annual investors' conference. However, with COVID-19 preventing events from going on as normal, they leaned on our team more than ever to help them turn a two-day live event into a global virtual event.

In a year where virtual meetings have become too common, this firm wanted to find a way to stand out with engaging, educational, and entertaining content. Building on our already strong partnership, they asked us to help create visual assets that continued to deliver on their high-quality brand standard.

Our video and creative teams collaborated with the client and production house seamlessly to meet the quick deadline in preparation for the broadcast. A motion graphics animated video centered on "the power of partnerships" kicked-off the virtual event. These motion graphics designs provided visual direction for the entire event including backdrops for recording presentations, session introductions, and explainer videos to support storytelling.

Each asset worked to help deliver a dynamic virtual event that captured the attention of the audience, reinforced key event messaging, and continued to help position the firm as a global leader.

"Thanks for your hard, extensive work. It’s been thrilling to watch it all come together and to hear very positive feedback from our audience as content started to roll out. Your efforts clearly helped take our conference above and beyond." Manager of Global Marketing & Communications