Video Project

Safe Systems | Kids on Banking

Live Production Interview Motion Graphics Social

2018 marked Safe Systems 25th anniversary. They wanted to create something to give back to their industry and clients so they decided to think outside the box. That meant we had to take it to the kids and ask them about banking. 


The idea was born at digital marketing conference in May, 2017, when the Safe Systems’ team was encouraged to create content that was not about their own products or even their own company. And as they approached their 25 year anniversary, this was the occasion that would be the catalyst for creating a new video as a gift to their clients and their industry. After producing several motion graphics videos for them already, ipsoCreative got to work with their idea to create a live production video titled, "Kids on Banking." This was going to be a challenging production that included coordinating out-of-state locations, casting calls, set preparation, and carefully orchestrated production scheduling. 


Our team worked with Safe Systems to create an outline for unscripted interviews with several children to give their explanations and answers about banking. Our hope was to capture the raw innocence and humor of the kids as they shared their ideas and perceptions of the banking industry. Our creative team coordinated two set locations, props, interview questions, hair and makeup, sound production, and cast services for entire families as they arrived for their scheduled shoots. In addition to a rigorous production day, several hours of post-production were put in to add motion graphics animation to accent the kid's imaginations. 


As it turned out, the team were laughing the entire day and are so excited about the finished product. With beautifully edited and masterfully animated touches, the final video is somewhat of a masterpiece that lighthearted, hilarious, and sharable to more than just the banking industry. The now infamous Kids on Banking video has been viewed and shared across the country thousands of times. The ipso and Safe Systems team is already hard at work on ideating the sequel—Kids on Banking 2—to continue building the brand and driving targeted prospects to the Safe Systems website. Safe Systems is thrilled with the result, and it's a video that has everyone rolling. 

"Safe Systems had already produced several successful “motion design” product videos with the ipsoCreative team in Greenville, SC, so it was a natural progression to approach them with a “live production” project... I can’t say enough about the quality of the team that was assembled." Christine Filosa Chief Marketing Officer