Video Project

Safe Systems

Explainer Motion Graphics Series

The goal of the each video we produce for Safe Systems is to communicate a specific aspect of its value within the banking industry, and to essentially establish Safe Systems' influence and credibility as the national leader in IT solutions exclusive to financial institutions. 

View more from this series:

BCP Blueprint
Net Comply One


Given its wide variety of products and abilities, Safe Systems needs to communicate clearly their wide range of different services so as to provide viewers an understanding of Safe Systems’ value, so as to increase potential conversions and boost traffic to the website. Over the course of the past few years, we have produced engaging motion graphics videos that each focus on a distinct service or product, including:

  • Vendor Management Tools
  • BCP Blueprint
  • IT Security Products 
  • Vendor Management services



One of the things that sets Safe Systems apart in their industry (and among businesses in general) is its progressive approach to web-based design and marketing. Led by Salina Wuttke, the Safe Systems team is quite skilled and adept at digital technology, which makes sense given their nature as a technology provider in their industry. After some thoughtful discussions both with the Safe Systems project team and our own, we settled on a conversational tone to convey vital messaging. The videos would have multiple functions, including marketing, web, educational, and sales.


The videos maintain a cohesive design and visual aesthetic, establishing Safe Systems’ credibility and consistency in the market, as well as their interest in combining design with technology,  The folks at Safe Systems are simply a pleasure to work with. which shows through in the videos, and we take pride in helping convey Safe Systems’ value to its clients and prospective clients. Though we were excited about our initial video collaboration, we are beyond honored it has unfolded into an ongoing relationship based on trust and creativity. Take a look at the finished products and feel free to shoot Salina an email with your feedback!