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For more than 70 years Scepter has been the industry leader in producing containers for hazardous materials. “Smart. Trusted. Best-in Class.” are pillars of the Scepter brand that resonate across three divisions - Consumer, Marine, and Military. Chances are, if you walked into your garage or marina, you would find a Scepter container waiting for you! Leading in innovation across the globe, Scepter keeps users safe everywhere, from the yard to the battlefield. The old website was outdated, did not provide up-to-date product information, and was fragmented across six separate domains.

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The scope of the project included consolidating six existing websites into one cohesive user experience that highlights the three divisions of Scepter. The website also needed to convey the international brand positioning by providing users with relevant product information based upon their location. With this, the Marketing team needed a website that was responsive, easy-to-update, flexible with their growing product lines, and provides the ability to connect with parent company talent management systems. The website launch needed to be strategically coordinated with local and international trade shows.


Scepter collaborated with Kaulig Media to design and develop a custom, responsive website built on the open-source Umbraco CMS. A robust content, product, and UX architecture phase helped the teams collaborate on the best methods to merge the six sites, identify development requirements, and flesh-out page structures/elements needed to support content flexibility.

Based on the recent brand refresh, Scepter knew that the new website was an important opportunity to refresh brand assets. Scepter and Kaulig Media collaborated with photographer @Mikeshotthis to produce photography that provided Scepter with a portfolio of land, water, and product visual assets. These new brand assets are showcased across the website, social media, and in trade show displays.


A fully customized Umbraco website that “get’s the job done” showcases products across all divisions with complimentary lifestyle and product photography from the asset collection project. The new Umbraco website admin allows administrators the freedom to add, edit, or delete content as needed. Flexible page types provide the freedom for content managers to create marketing materials that support the products they are selling.

Launched for end-of-year trade-shows across the globe, the new Scepter.com reinforces the brand’s legacy of quality and safety as the “King of Containers.”

WELL DONE. Thank you Kaulig Media for getting this across the finish line on time. Dan Marshall VP, Marketing & Business Development