Video Project

Sequoia Financial Group

Brand Live Production Interview Social

Since the founding of this award-winning firm more than 20 years ago, Sequoia Financial Group, located in Akron, Ohio, has focused on planning and fantastic client service. The Sequoia team is passionate about helping its clients get the most out of life through personalized financial planning.


Sequoia wanted to create a video to target potential clients, while complementing its   with a conversational, interview-style narrative video.

We wanted to help eliminate relational barriers as prospective clients explore Sequoia Financial's story. The audience will feel they know the Sequoia employees featured in the video, and the entire Sequoia Financial team they represent.


After the video, we wanted the primary audience to realize the extent to which Sequoia's independence is rooted in its DNA and the team's commitment to finding the right solution for the clients' best interest -- not the institution's.

The video's secondary target audience was two-fold:

  1. Current Sequoia Financial clients who will simply learn a little more about the story of the firm.
  2. Sequoia Financial staff and friends of the firm who will be able to explain the Sequoia story better to second-degree connections and beyond.


The final product is a short and engaging narrative, primarily an interview with Sequoia's President. The video is featured prominently on their homepage, with an invitation for viewers to "take a look into [Sequoia's] continued commitment to earning your trust and providing quality advice that you have come to expect."

The video helps foster a spirit of humanity to the "The Sequoia Story" and highlighting the messaging of their 25th-anniversary celebration.