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Signet Real Estate

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Signet Real Estate had an impressive portfolio, but didn't have any recognizable presence separate from the brand of their parent company, Signet, LLC. The goal was to make this a stand-alone group with a brand and website presence to match the high quality of their work.

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The primary challenge of this custom web design project was making sure our design was consistent with the Signet-family "style," while at the same time giving this particular site its own unique identity. Though Signet, LLC is a well established firm, its real estate arm is still developing. This created another challenge for us: we had to establish a digital identity for the site as something they could evolve into as they grew. But by far, the greatest challenge was how to expand our list of requirements while still delivering the website within a condensed timeline.


The initial phases of the web design project involved concurrently focusing on identity, styling, architecture, and strategy. We cracked this nut by creating a unique approach in how we shared the development site with Signet's team. Instead of sharing it as the entire web design was completed—as one final product—we completed and shared segments of the site in sprints. This allowed us to move the ball forward with Signet while simultaneously continuing to persevere internal resources on the development, testing, and formatting of later pieces of the site.


Throughout the project, Signet's team understandably requested visibility of designs in a higher, more concentrated volume than we were producing. After working with us in the past, our new delivery method on our sprints caused us both to assess whether or not it was a good fit. We were open to critique, and adapted accordingly to meet Signet's needs. It was this willingness to try a different approach, and the turnaround sprints, that helped us maintain healthy, open, and trusting lines of communication. The final product is a responsive design website the Signet team is absolutely proud of, and even better, an experience they were pleased with.