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Sunshine House

Academic Informational Umbraco

The Sunshine House is a leader in early childcare education provider with headquarters in Greenville, SC and schools across the US. Sunshine House has grown tremendously over the last 40 years to be one of the largest early education and childcare companies in the United States. Today, they operate more than 100 schools in 9 states, employing 2,500 professional educators and caregivers, and serving more than 12,000 children each day. Their goal is to ignite passion for learning and prepare children for success in school and in life.

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The challenge for this project was to re-develop an unhealthy, underperforming WordPress site with numerous technical conflicts and page load speed issues. The client had a long list of challenges with managing content in the Wordpress admin due to the existing structure as a large number of plugins were core to how the website was structured – creating challenges in ongoing maintenance as well.


Kaulig Media took the existing user experience and design which worked well for the brand, and migrated the current content to the new re-developed Umbraco CMS with an easy-to-use grid editor and sensible structured content areas. Our top priority was to provide the Sunshine House with a remedy to the functional and technical challenges they were facing with their old website’s content management system and how it was developed. Our secondary goal was to make a few UX/Design enhancements that would help the website be more scalable in the future.

Lead form management was streamlined in the Umbraco CMS to facilitate general contact as well as leads from each school. The data structure is setup to continue marketing automation strategies in the future.

As a second phase, we worked with the Sunshine House team to build a blog within the Umbraco CMS for consolidated content management. We took their existing BrightEdge blog, migrated the the content, and updated the design to better support the ongoing content strategy. The blog now serves as a critical part of the Sunshine House marketing strategy and is easy to manage as part of the website.


The team at Sunshine House is a pleasure to work with. From the start they were invested in the process and contributed to every phase of the project. The new redeveloped website provides the Sunshine House marketing team an efficient website experience for users by optimizing load speed, UX changes to help tracking and clear paths for users, easier for SSH team to update and manage content in the backend. It is a solid foundation to enhance their digital marketing efforts with prospective and current families.