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The Quest Zone + Foundations Early Learning Center

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The Quest Zone and Foundations Early Learning Center (ELC) are two brands of the Sunshine House, a leader early childcare education provider with headquarters in Greenville, SC and schools across the US. Sunshine House (SH) has grown tremendously over the last 40 years to be one of the largest early education and childcare companies in the United States. In those 40 years they created Foundations ELC + The Quest Zone brands. Foundations ELC is a learning center that provides high-quality childcare, with a focus in STEAM education for children 6 weeks-12 years old. The Quest Zone is an afterschool program that has been a leader in on-site programs for the last 20 years. The program offers interactive fun in a safe environment for children after their school day ends. Both of these brands were in need of website redesign and a streamlined user experience, allowing their visitors to explore Foundations ELC + QZ’s value proposition, find a location near them, and submit an inquiry form to visit a location.

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The challenge for this project was to create a user experience for two different brands that would be utilized on a multisite framework within the Wordpress CMS. The client needed these two brands to have a user experience that would educate, guide users to their center’s information page, and direct new visitors to schedule a tour while remaining visually branded as unique organizations independent from the primary Sunshine House brand.


Kaulig Media custom designed and developed an informational and lead-generating website utilizing a multi-site Wordpress installation build using the same basic UX/block elements so it would be more efficient as a single project initiative (and especially the ongoing maintenance) of The Quest Zone and Foundation ELC websites. We structured the UX to be shared between sites, but then when customized the design of each site to reflect the individual brand in a unique way. We wanted to ensure that if a visitor navigated to the opposite website it would not resemble the other brand. As for the sitemap + framework of both sites, the pages flow to inform the user on what each organization has to offer. Within the Wordpress admin, content is managed consistently with custom post types to help maintain location information.


The team at Sunshine House was a pleasure to work with. From the start they were invested in the process and contributed to every phase of the project. The new websites provide the Sunshine House marketing team a solid foundation to enhance their digital marketing efforts with prospective and current families.