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TTX has been Northern Ohio’s premier technology partner for over 30 years. Specifically, they help the CIO, IT Director, or Call Center Director (sales or customer service) of an IT department design and plan for high performance, stability (predictable maintenance), and security. As a leader in the technology space, TTX continues to expand and evolve as an organization, requiring a highly informative and engaging website, as well as continued marketing support services.

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  • TTx navigated a leadership transition and marketing positioning transition simultaneously, creating the opportunity for a full-scale rebrand.
  • TTx sales team funnels prospects into opportunities through in-person educational and informational events, creating the need for sales support and demand generation.
  • TTx is a “value-added reseller” of information technology products. Each technology product in the portfolio needs to be positioned and communicated to the market with an understanding of how TTx helps design, deploy, and support those technologies. 
  • TTx is a growing company that is a leader in an ever-changing industry. An agile website with flexible content management is a must.


  • Initial Rebrand
  • Build and Support Website
  • Provide Sales Support for Campaigns and Events
  • Manage Relationships with Partner Channel Marketing Representatives

TTx engages with Kaulig Media as an augmentation of their internal team. We function as both the marketing director and marketing department for TTx.

We support the creation of event and campaign-related collateral, demand generation programs, and event materials, as well as the development and management of digital assets. Services include:

    1. Website content management and application support
    2. Email marketing and annual marketing plan
    3. Event annual marketing plan support (in-person, webinar, phone blitz)
    4. Website conversion optimization (SEO, AdWords, Landing Page Optimization)
    5. Website measurement and evaluation
    6. Website enhancement and optimization

Kaulig Media helps my sales organization communicate who we are to the market place in a way that leads to measurable sales! Thanks for caring and being part of our team. Nate Petry TTx VP of Business Development