Development Project

Sherwin-Williams' Uniflex Warranty Site


UNIFLEX is a trusted leader in roofing technology with a comprehensive product portfolio to cover a wide variety of roof types. As a business unit of Sherwin-Williams, UNIFLEX continues to position itself as the leader in fluid applied roofing systems and high-quality performance sealants. 


The initial goal of the UNIFLEX project was to create an all-encompassing online experience to handle warranty claim requests submitted by product dealers and contractors from all over the globe. The previous process was handled completely on paper, off-line, and by word-of-mouth. It required long delays for paperwork, submissions, inspections, and payment to take place. Accomplishing our goal would require us to overcome several challenges.

  • First, the original process flow needed redefined and mapped out.
  • Second, we had to develop a seamless approval, notification, and payment process.
  • And lastly, there were multiple process flow options, approvers, form requirements, and users roles that needed to be digitally recorded for UNIFLEX's management team. 


After we successful defined the process flow and requirements for each process step, we created a custom form builder and registration flow within WordPress. This would allow us to build the process step-by-step and utilize a completely different set of form requirements for each step. Combining this with a unique notification and approval feature, each step could include any number of approvals, users, and automatic notifications. As the project progressed, many new challenges arose and our team worked with UNIFLEX to define each new requirement, including: 

  • Dashboard view, item search capabilities, and form rules/conditions
  • Online payment submissions with paypal integration
  • Multiple user accounts with tiered permission levels for warranty submissions


After several rounds of testing and QA, the UNIFLEX warranty site reflects the hard work and commitment from our internal team working alongside Sherwin-Williams' diversified brands management team. The fully customized WordPress site allows users from all over the globe to submit and access their warranty information from multiple submissions without the need for any paperwork. Each user and approver has a unique login experience and dashboard view that lets them see recent activity, pending work, and history of past submissions. 

We greatly enjoyed working with Sherwin-Williams on another project, and the uniqueness of this project allowed us to think outside-the-box and come up with a creative solution to their needs.